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Bitter sweet news for me. Because of the storms, I get a three day weekend.

Who needs tickets to The Dangerous Summer, Divided by Friday, Ten Second Epic on 3/15 at The Conservatory? They’re only $10. Get them from me before this sells out! And don’t forget The Last2Weeks and Sabertooth tour kick off party on 3/8 at Bad Grannies! $5 at the door.

When keeping it real goes wrong! - btw Lawrence was classy as I’ll get out!

@electrofoam was here. @acmuco

" "What happened to the American Dream?" It came true! You’re lookin’ at it…"

—Edward Blake - Watchmen

tumblrbot asked: ROBOTS OR DINOSAURS?

Bots ftw!

Star house in Cache. #Eagle Park #ElectroFoam! 

Star house in Cache. #Eagle Park #ElectroFoam!